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ffxiv gil

Thanks for all those informations... And for your colorful Shots, enjoying in the morning.


can you send me naman poh ng origin ng puto pao..
Thanks. God Bless!!


cno may alam ng contact no. ng factory ng siopao sa bacoor cavite? tska may alam b kayo na distributor ng waffle, siomai, puto pao? need ko kc supplier sa business ko, paki-email nmn info sa email ko or ym at tnx


I love dumplings so I gotta remember Siopao when I visit the Filippines! The last shot is excellent!


Did you say "chicken feet"? That is the best dim sum ever! :) I'm quite surprised how much people love that dish! :)

Rock Kauser

I'll take vegetarian dumplings everytime!

maryanne moll

a foreigner's detailed observations about my country always makes me take a second look at the things around me and see what a fascinating country this is. sidney, try the "balut" one of these days. if you haven't yet, that is. :)

Mike Dougan

Yummy...I could do with a bowl of Beef Mami, this has made me hungry.


A wonderful smile! You do seem to capture many people's smiles. Its a great thing to see all the happiness.


je me demande que veut dire en chinois? ce mot sio-pao?


i think i have siopa's delicious but i dip wt spicy sausce instead....i love the filling inside...btw look like u have a great time and lot of meals there;-) great capture!


what amazes me about your photos is that in a big part of them people are smiling and look quite happy.. Sidney, I'm starting to think you must look really funny! :)


while still in manila, if i can't afford to go to binondo, henlin's siopao and siomai satisfy my cravings (they have kiosk on almost every commercial area). hafchang in malate is one of my fave dining spot, too. siopao here in canada sucks!


lekker!i have a craving for siopao:-) i still prefer the dimsums and chinese food (except the fastfood ones) in manila, somehow it taste more "authentic".

slim whale

i just love chinese food. nice pics of the chinese new year. missed that. my boarding house is so near binondo but i haven't actually visited it yet. and in two months, i'll be moving out.


I love siopao. There are a view siopao vendors here in Winnipeg, too.


looks like a yummy place to eat !


Nice description and coloful pictures to go with it. Love the insights into life in the Philipines.


Hello, Sydney.
Being interested in different cultures and traditions, I truly love Your shots and hope I'll have some time to travel through the archives :)
Also, thanks for stopping by. Cheers from Poland :)


Hey Sydney! How have you been! thanks for visitng my blog! Long time no see.. yes.. life is getting back on track thank you for your care and concern..
Oh that snack you talk of.. I love it.. in hawaii we call it manapua.. OOOh love it.. I guess I did not know that there were quite a bit of Chinese people in Phillipines? It's great that they celebrate Chinese new Year.. we did in hawaii too.. it was huge! Great photos.. and I am always a fan!


I miss siopao and siomai!


yum yum yum!

I really like siopao very much. especially the bola bola. When it comes to chinese restaurants, I would always want to try this one and their pancit (noodles).

Hmmm chicken feet. Not that enthusiastic to gobble up some although i've tasted it once. Seems delicious but god, I can go without this one.


Sounds good. Can I have some fries with that? Just kidding... It's something my dad asked the first time we went to a Chinese restaurant. And now I need a snack...


i lived for a couple of years in singapore, so i absolutely love this kind of food! you've made me sooo hungry!


Tena koe ehoa
Sidney thanks for the insights and images of a people and country filled with fantastic vitality.

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